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Why RAI Summit?

An applied research engineering conference that combines the academic conferences and industry driven solutions of responsible AI as well as specialists in governance and ethics of AI.

Many non-academic AI summits and workshops, such as those organized by the UN ITU, GPAI, WEF, and PAI, gather multiple stakeholders without going into the theoretical and technical details.

Industry and business facing conferences, such as ICDPPC, are focused on specific areas (e.g. data privacy, security). Existing academic conferences mostly focus on one subarea of AI and none has a sole focus on the technical theory and practices of responsible AI.

The ACM FAcct Conference is an academic technical conference that gathers researchers mostly from the US, working on fairness, accountability and transparency aspects of AI. The AIES conference covers governance and ethics studies as well.

RAI Summit provides a platform for industry practitioners to bring real world RAI problems to the table and to seek collaboration with the research community to bring out principled yet practical solutions.

The objective is to make this an annual, public, IEEE co-sponsored summit with a Call for Papers and proceedings of publications. Different from other academic conferences, AI companies will share case studies and seek and commit to concrete collaborations at this summit. RAI Summit will also publish white papers and position papers and has working groups on specific themes.

In this year zero (Y0) of RAI Summit, there will be invited speakers only and a panel for the organizing committee to plan for the subsequent year. Starting from the second year we can consider co-locating with FAcct, AAAI or other AI technical conferences.


This will be a single track, multiple area summit that follows the general format of an industry association or research conference, spanning over 2-3 days.

The areas are organized around different pillars of RAI, such as fairness, robustness & safety, privacy, transparency & control, and accountability.

There will be keynote speakers each morning and afternoon. There will be panels on various topics related to the pillars of RAI.

There will be case studies presented by AI companies and researchers on, for example, responsible recommendation systems and responsible design of the metaverse.

There will be close door discussions under the Chatham House Rule for invited participants from the industry, government and academia.